6 Mountain Bike Trails You Need to Check Out

6 Mountain Bike Trails You Need to Check Out

Biking is a great sport and enjoyable method of exercise, but always biking on the same trail every weekend can get boring. Luckily, there are plenty of magnificent and beautiful places to ride around the world. In this article, 6 mountain bike trails you need to check out have been gathered.

The South Downs Way (England)

First up is the iconic biking trail in England. The South Downs Way is a 160-kilometer route featuring alpine outlooks, lush countryside, and breathtaking historical sites.

The Friendship Highway (China)

China is well known for their scenic attractions and stunning natural views. Right between the Tibetan city of Lhasa and the Nepalese border, The Friendship Highway, an 800-kilometer biking route is bound to captivate you. The beautiful ride displays amazing high-altitude vistas, mountain views, and breathtaking valleys. Although, the Friendship Highway may not be for people who are scared of heights.

Kingdom Trails (USA)

Vermont is well known for their bike trails. Most of their routes are unique and amazing bikers of all kind. Although Kingdom Trails in Vermont, USA is one for the itinerary. The trail is a hundred-mile singletrack path with rocks, twists, roots and more. The trail is privately owned for non-profit use provides separate paths for all skill levels.

Maah Daah Hey (USA)

Here is another trail from the United States. Maah Daah Hey of North Dakota features a scenic outlook of the North Dakota Badlands. The Maah Daah Hey is great for people looking for rugged backcountry trails or someone who wants to experience the North Dakota landscape.

The North Shore (Canada)

The North Shore trail is in British Columbia, Canada. Canada is an impressive place for biking. More specifically, British Columbia is known for their lush forests, scenic mountains, and stunning bike trails. The North Shore is a man-made riding trail, mostly composed of wood, built for riders looking for a challenge. The North Shore is a stomach-churning path any adrenaline craving biker will love.

Slickrock (USA)

Slickrock of Moab, Utah, is another biking trail that is nearly completely composed of sandstone. The surface has tremendous amounts of traction on your bike, but falling result in plenty of scrapes. Slickrock is a beautiful and unique place in the world, featuring a barren landscape with sand dunes and more.

Excluding the ones listed above, there are plenty of other amazing bike trails around the world. Although the ones placed on this list should be checked out if you have a chance.

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